Welcome to TDIC


Proud to be one of the distribution companies in the field of cosmetic brands in the world, at TDIC, we have a team of young, dynamic employees who are always dedicated to their work.

Joining TDIC is the first step in the race to join a youthful, dynamic but also challenging workplace for each individual who desire to escape from their own ego.
Integrating our team, you will work in a vibrant, creative and highly professional environment with many leading cosmetic brands such as By Wishtrend, Dear KLAIRS, CARYOPHY and so on.
We always put human right first, here all employees have the opportunity to develop themselves and improve themselves during the process of working with us. With the core values outlined, we firmly believe that TDIC is the best choice you should trust.

Job opportunities

Brand Manager 20,000,000 ₫ - 40,000,000 ₫
Chuyên viên Tư vấn & Marketing 8,000,000 ₫ - 12,000,000 ₫
Chuyên viên kế toán 9,000,000 ₫ - 12,000,000 ₫