TDIC Vietnam is a leading company in the field of importing and exclusively distributing cosmetics in Vietnam, owning 20 international brands in the beauty industry, typically Some By Mi, Dear Klairs, Skin1004, Lemonade... and constantly increasing the number of new brands, with the mission of bringing comprehensive beauty to Vietnamese women over the past 14 years




- Coordinate with MKT to plan strategies and build business plans in accordance with the company's vision and orientation for the e-commerce department.

- Monitor, manage and adjust monthly promotional activities of the e-commerce department.

- Coordinate with marketing department to come up with communication ideas and promotional programs.

- Control risks in sales activities, manage and optimize costs.

- Responsible for revenue targets assigned by the CEO.

- Responsible for market research, changing trends, and customer needs to build specific business strategies for each period

- Manage and monitor e-commerce activities and processes

- Implement the plan requested by the CEO and accurately notify the e-commerce department

- Monitor, manage and adjust monthly promotional activities of the e-commerce department

- Ensure that the e-commerce department carries out work in accordance with the company's procedures and makes improvements consistent with practice.

- Build and develop new sales channels in addition to currently exploited e-commerce channels

- Instruct and supervise department heads working with the Purchasing Department to periodically recommend importing goods to ensure on-time sales and sales volume;

- Monitor and urge the e-commerce department to sell all imported goods quickly;

- Coordinate with MKT to plan compensation and customer care

- Caring for and maintaining relationships, promoting orders with current customers.

- Guide and supervise relevant departments to resolve customer complaints about product quality. Directly organize the handling of customer complaints at the company level.

- Representing the company to directly respond and answer customer questions.

- Manage and supervise the e-commerce department to provide accurate information to customers about products, incentives, policies and other information issued by the company.

- Propose recruitment, allocation and monitoring of work efficiency of e-commerce department personnel.




- Graduated from University of business administration, economics, foreign trade...

- Have deep and broad knowledge of macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, investment, and banking.

- Have deep and broad knowledge of sales and sales management

- Knowledge of cosmetics.

- Have strategic thinking at work.

- Have skills in working in groups as well as working independently

- Management skills.

- Have PR, presentation, communication and negotiation skills with customers and partners.

- Fluency in Vietnamese speech; good English speaking ability.

- Have planning and reporting skills.

- Proficient in using office computers, email and internet sales software,...

- Mature, affectionate, able to work under pressure.

- Frankness - Honesty - Commitment to achieving revenue targets.

- Good looking, easy to create sympathy for the opposite person

- Have at least 3 years of working experience as a Director/Sales Officer, preferably working in the industry, consumer goods, and cosmetics.




- Working hours: Office Hours

- Holidays: Saturday and Sunday

- Leave 1 day/month

- Bonus on holidays during the year and 13th month salary bonus

- Support for birthdays, sickness, weddings, maternity...

- Participate in Team building programs, travel...

- Pay social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance...

- Work in a friendly, dynamic environment.

- Revenue bonus

- Lunch allowance: 25,000 VND/day

- Salary increase will be considered twice a year

- Work address: 38th floor, Discovery Complex building, 302 Cau Giay, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi

- Fixed salary + business bonus, from 2000$ or more

- Experience: Minimum of 03 years of experience in the position of Director/Sales City, preferably working in the industry, consumer goods, cosmetics., Graduated from University or higher



Apply via email

Contact phone number: Ms Trang - 0918559696