Besides the ability to balance pH 5.5, Dear, Klairs toner provides fast moisturizing effect, helps to soothe skin, limit redness and skin diseases after sun exposure.


The pH directly affects the youthfulness, radiance and health of the skin. According to experts, the pH balance fluctuates around 5.5. Skin with a pH lower than this is an ideal environment for harmful bacteria, leading to inflammation and difficulty in repairing damage. Conversely, if the pH is high, the skin will age faster and more easily form wrinkles.


If both pH imbalance and lack of moisture, the skin will be more sensitive because then the natural protective film is weakened. This makes subsequent skin care products not effective on the skin. A study has shown that using toners can help balance pH levels and protect skin from potential dermatological conditions.


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Improves skin elasticity:  Moisture is an important foundation to maintain skin elasticity and vitality. According to the manufacturer's announcement, Supple Preparation Unscented Toner has a palette of moisture-rich ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells, helping to provide moisture that lasts 20% longer than other toners.


Soothe irritated skin and limit skin diseases:  Toner contains properties and soothing ingredients from plants, effectively improving skin health such as preventing inflammatory acne, acne, reducing redness after sun exposure. , dry tight after washing face or irritation cosmetic ingredients.


Enhances absorption of other skin care products: One study demonstrated that using toner before other skin care products can enhance the absorption of products into the skin. This helps other skin care products work better.


Toner Dear, Klairs is suitable for dry skin, oily skin, skin in treatment and sensitive skin. You can use it by applying directly to the skin, wiping with a cotton pad or applying a lotion mask. In addition, Dear, Klairs toner can also be used whenever the skin needs quick hydration or soothing. After using it, many skincare followers are satisfied with the product and rate it as the "national toner".


With the above uses, Toner Dear, Klairs is a benign product capable of intensive skin nourishment, suitable for daily skin care routine. In Vietnam, Dear, Klairs is exclusively distributed by Thuy Dung International Cosmetics Company. You can consult and buy genuine products at:


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