Recently, the SKIN1004 family surprised the skin enthusiasts when they officially introduced a new sunscreen rookie with many advantages that are not inferior to the previous national version. So how do you know which sunscreen is right for your skin?

SKIN1004's sunscreen is no stranger to the beauty world and the beauty community because of its benignity and optimal skin protection. Using sunscreen every day will help block UV rays - the leading cause of aging that causes skin to appear wrinkles, brown spots. Sunscreen is mandatory and SKIN1004 also understands that the skin, in addition to the need for sun protection, will also need to be cared for separately so that the use of sunscreen does not cause discomfort and irritation.


1. Pure physical sunscreen for the most sensitive skin


If your skin is a "hard to please", easily irritated, oily, acne-prone, or mixed skin type, then SKIN1004's pure physical Madagascar Centella Air-fit Suncream Plus sunscreen will be the right choice for you to cherish and cherish. , soothes the skin, while providing optimal protection against UV.



Sunscreen with a combination of 3 active ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Butyloctyl Salicylate, Titanium Dioxide to create a stable UV filter to protect skin from the sun. Benign ingredients, upgraded by 20% of Madagascar gotu kola extract bring the ability to soothe the skin, support to reduce burning and discomfort caused by hot sun and the environment. In addition, the product has additional Niacinamide to support acne skin care and MadeWhite's brightening formula.


The cream has a thin, light texture, a bit thick, beige, easy to spread, quickly absorbed and completely does not cause white streaks, skin blockage. Madagascar Centella Air-fit Suncream Plus is a physical sunscreen, but is appreciated for its good oil control, water resistance and natural tone enhancement, for a smooth, matte finish that clings to the skin as well as keeps your face. Fresh all day long without losing tones.


Tất tần tật về hai em kem chống nắng “hot-hit” nhà SKIN1004 - Ảnh 3.


2. Chemical sunscreen combined with skin-nourishing essence


Another equally attractive option from the SKIN1004 house for dry, flaky skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin lacking moisture is the Madagascar Centella Hyalu-cica Water-fit Sun Serum. Although it is a newly launched rookie, the product is gaining the sympathy and trust of everyone.


Tất tần tật về hai em kem chống nắng “hot-hit” nhà SKIN1004 - Ảnh 6.


This is considered a "multi-function" sunscreen because in addition to sun protection, Madagascar Centella Hyalu-cica Water-fit Sun Serum also possesses optimal skin care thanks to the "smooth green" ingredient list with Many outstanding nutrients:

- Madagascar Centella asiatica extract: Soothes the skin, supports recovery, minimizes irritation

- 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid: Long-lasting moisture lock, water supply to keep

- Niacinamide: Suitable for acne-prone skin

- Baby Green Complex (including 7 types of plant extracts): Promotes healthy skin


In particular, Madagascar Centella Hyalu-cica Water-fit Sun Serum also has an advanced filter to be suitable for all skin being treated such as:

- Uvinul A Plus: Protects against UVA radiation, while also protecting skin from free radicals and skin damage.

- Uvinul T 150: Effective against UVB rays with low usage

- Tinosorb M: Protection in the UVB and UVA II range, especially suitable for waterproof and water-resistant formulations

- Iscotrizinol: Helps provide optimal skin protection against the full spectrum of long and short UVA and UVB rays


In terms of texture, the product is a thin, light cream, quickly absorbed, odorless, does not cause clogging or white streaks, creates a natural stretch effect, can be used as a skin care primer before make-up. Applying cream every day helps your skin to be optimally protected and "glowy" full of vitality.


Finally, whether you choose to use physical or chemical sunscreen, remember to reapply the cream after 2-3 hours of use and must choose to buy genuine products to ensure your health.